Nidwalden - Uri - Schwyz 🇨🇭 The Sigifamily founding Cantons tour

A great birthday of Marc at Lake Lucerne or rather at the Vierwaltstättersee in Beckenried in Nidwalden. Beggäriäd - s’scheenschtä Dorf am scheenschtä See?! The most beautiful village at Lake Lucerne?! Beckenried and the surrounding area is definitely worth a visit. The overnight stay was at the fantastic Hotel Nidwaldnerhof in Beckenried. 

Of course we had to make a detour to see William Tell: Altorf and Tellsplatte! In the canton of Uri! 

We continued on to the canton of Schwyz, where we couldn't miss the FĂĽdliheizer and other delicacies from Felchlin. 

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