Germany · 18. October 2020
According to the quarantine restrictions, we had to cancel our journey to Berlin... For that we visited the beautiful Freiburg im Breisgau and enjoyed Halloween in Europapark / Rulantica.

Switzerland · 13. September 2020
The Sigifamily at the Lindt Home of Chocolate opening weekend. Switzerland’s new chocolate museum, where the biggest Lindt Chocolate Shop (500 m2) and the spectacular Lindt chocolate fountain are waiting for you, as well as an interactive chocolate tour all about the Swiss cultural heritage of chocolate. #lindt #homeofchocolate #schokoladenplatz1

Germany · 18. August 2020
Europapark 2020 with the standard rules of Covid-19! We had a great time. Only, we didn't take the fun photos from the roller coasters. Not the same :-) #Europa-Park #BellRock #Rust #Sigifamily

Spain · 24. July 2020
Valencia 2020! All under the standard rules of Covid-19. But it has been a wonderful time: #Valencia #Sigifamily #silkexchange #silkroute ##mercadocentralvalencia #placatorosvalencia #placadelareina #plazadelavirgen #bioparc #cityofartsandscience & more. For one night, we've drove up to Barça with #Poblenou #FCBarcelona #CampNou. And back home with #flyswiss.

Switzerland · 21. May 2020
Great time at the Hasliberg-, Jungfraujoch- or rather Thunersee-Area with #Schlossspiez #Grandetourofswitzerland #REKA #SchlossOberhofen & more.

Switzerland · 26. April 2020
There is a risk of becoming infected with the new coronavirus in almost all parts of the world. Increasing numbers of countries are introducing measures such as border closures. Expect travel restrictions on international journeys. For this reason, we #stayathome during #coronatime. The borders to Austria and the Czech Republic are closed. Instead, we head a great time in Switzerland.

Switzerland · 14. February 2020
Great vacation at Morschach (REKA / Swiss Holiday Park) and Stoos: Sun, storm Sabine and power failure in the region, snow, skiing, Skischule Stoos, Felchlin, Suter- äh Superfood, waterpark & more #stoos #morschach #skischulestoos #shp #REKA #stoosbahn #felchlin Read more for The Sigifamily Stoos Video 🎿☀️⛷

Germany · 27. December 2019
This delightful Christmas and New Year market is held in front of the “Old Mint” (Alten Münze) in the famous Maximilianstrasse, with a view of the romantic imperial cathedral (Kaiserdom). And we have been to other great places in Speyer. Exactly, to the Technic Museum Speyer: aerospace and amazing naval exhibition, a variety of aircraft, classic vintage cars, racing- and classic motorcycles, historic fire engines, massive steam locomotives, mechanical instruments & much more!

Spain · 19. October 2019
Great vacation in Barcelona! We stayed in the great neighbourhood Gràcia or rather at the great apartment Bruniquer 51. Although there was a pro-Catalan general strike in Barcelona, we had a awesome time there: Vila de Gràcia, Arco deTriunfo, La Sagrada Familia (just outside; general strike...), Barceloneta, Camp Nou, Diagonal Mar, Les Corts, Plaça d'Espanya, Plaça de Catalunya & read more 😀

Disney Cruise Line · 26. July 2019
Welcome Home to the Disney Family! Yes, we had a wonderful time on the Disney Dream with Nassau and Castaway Cay.

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