FORT F├ťRIGEN ­č¬ľ From 1941 to today

Fort F├╝rigen lies hidden behind the rugged rock faces of B├╝rgenberg near Stansstad. Built during the Second World War, it was part of the Swiss National Redoubt, the defence strategy developed by the Swiss government at that time. With its two cannons, Fort F├╝rigen was built to avert the advance of German troops in the Alpine region. The fort also remained in operation during the Cold War, reequipped for new threat scenarios. 

The exhibition focuses on the fort’s construc- tion, its function and use on Lake Lucerne. It takes a closer look at social developments in the region—but also examines how secret this fort actually was. And it provides insights into everyday life of the men who served in F├╝rigen until the 1980s. Experience a part of Swiss history firsthand! 

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