Stans ☀️ Cabrio 🛩️ Pilatus & more

Stans is the capital of Canton Nidwalden and lies at the foot of the Stanserhorn. The center of Stans shows itself tranditional and diverse. 

A relaxing trip up to the Stanserhorn begins with the vintage funicular railway from 1893. In Kälti, you change to the modern CabriO aerial cableway, where you can stand on the cabin's open-air upper-deck. Up there, you can enjoy the revolving restaurant or you can take a short tour of the summit. 

And there is also the Pilatus Aircraft Ltd, founded in 1939. Airport Buochs is the homebase of Pilatus. What‘s about the song? 

Yes, our next AI created song by the Sigifamily. Enjoy!