Cozumel DCL Port Adventure - Chocolate, Tequila, Bees & Maya

First stop was at the Mayan Cacao Company, where we could uncover the secrets of the ancient Mayan civilization and learn how chocolate formed such a central role in their social und religious life. On the tour, we visited a real Mayan Hut and we could learn something about their traditions, their day to day life, clever gardening techniques and even try a freshly made tortilla topped with a popular regional sauce made of chocolate. After the Chocolate Tasting, we could go upstairs to the Margarita Tasting. 

Cruising along the coast to the Mayan Bee Sanctuary. We walked through the path surrounded by lush vegetation and sculptures evoking a rather mystical sense and knowledge of the Mayan culture. We experienced a Mayan purification ritual. Afterwards, we continued to the bee sanctuary. 

Back at the port, we strolled through the city of Cozumel.