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Germany · 27. December 2019
This delightful Christmas and New Year market is held in front of the “Old Mint” (Alten Münze) in the famous Maximilianstrasse, with a view of the romantic imperial cathedral (Kaiserdom). And we have been to other great places in Speyer. Exactly, to the Technic Museum Speyer: aerospace and amazing naval exhibition, a variety of aircraft, classic vintage cars, racing- and classic motorcycles, historic fire engines, massive steam locomotives, mechanical instruments & much more!

Germany · 23. December 2018
Discover technology from the underwater world to space: Jumbo Jet, U9, Space Shuttle Buran, Concorde, JU52 & more Furthermore, we've been to the wonderful Christmas Market at Speyer! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Germany · 22. December 2017
Winter Wonderland at the Eurpapark in Rust. Enjoy!

Germany · 25. April 2017
The Sigifamily in Konstanz: Great Food, good weather and Insel Mainau!

Germany · 16. May 2016
Anyone can be a pioneer – that's certainly one message visitors to the Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen will take home with them. Around 400 exhibits, including twelve original aircraft, seven full-scale models from the world of aerospace, and a life-size replica of a Dornier Merkur plane from the 1920s, allow technology and history buffs and aviation aficionados of all ages to experience 100 years of exciting aviation history – an inspiring celebration of the pioneer spirit. We had an amazing t

Germany · 17. May 2015
A short Weekend in Legoland Deutschland. It was fun!

Germany · 21. August 2014
Indiana Jones? We've had the Adventure Room at Legoland Germany with a good night sleep. And on the top, we've seen the Star Wars Special Exhibition.

Germany · 18. August 2013
Legoland 2013! That was really fun with great rides, cool shows and najammi food (ice cream?!). Let's read more for our impressions!

Germany · 20. August 2011
Juppii! We have been to the Ravensburger Spieleland. The park is organised around seven themes packed with over 50 attractions. And the attraction No. 1 for Jan: Tractor tour. Up and away, cross country with a tractor.