Summer Vacation 2021 - Lausanne Area
Switzerland · 23. August 2021
A great week in the #Vaud or rather #Lausanne with #lafabrique #aquatis #hdiner #morges #neuchatal #queenexperience #grottesdevallorbe and more.

Pentecost 2021 in Thurgau - The Cider area of Switzerland
Switzerland · 23. May 2021
We enjoyed wonderful days in Thurgau at Lake Constance. And of course the Cider Museum of Möhl could not be missed. And there was also a great car museum - Autobau Erlebniswelt - in Romanshorn. A successful „Pentecost Weekend“!

Spring Break 2021 - The Grande Tour of Switzerland
Switzerland · 11. May 2021
From the Lauvaux area with Montreux, Vevey, Chillon and more, we drove via Lausanne towards Murten. After that, we didn’t miss Bern, Biel, Fribourg and Solothurn. And finally, we spent one week in Ticino.

Eastertime in Geneva 2021
Switzerland · 04. April 2021
We discovered the places that inject soul and history to Geneva: The Jet d’Eau, Old Town, IKRK Museum, Palais des Nations or rather one of the largest centre of the United Nations and much more.

Mount Stoos 2021
Switzerland · 14. February 2021
In Switzerland, ski resorts are also open under Covid-19. Fortunately! And the nice thing is that we stay overnight at REKA Morschach. The restaurants are also open for us, as well as the adventure pool. Wow! And in the ski area, luckily, the terraces are also open. So we have a great, even under the difficult Covid-19 time.

Switzerland · 13. September 2020
The Sigifamily at the Lindt Home of Chocolate opening weekend. Switzerland’s new chocolate museum, where the biggest Lindt Chocolate Shop (500 m2) and the spectacular Lindt chocolate fountain are waiting for you, as well as an interactive chocolate tour all about the Swiss cultural heritage of chocolate. #lindt #homeofchocolate #schokoladenplatz1

Switzerland · 21. May 2020
Great time at the Hasliberg-, Jungfraujoch- or rather Thunersee-Area with #Schlossspiez #Grandetourofswitzerland #REKA #SchlossOberhofen & more.

Switzerland · 26. April 2020
There is a risk of becoming infected with the new coronavirus in almost all parts of the world. Increasing numbers of countries are introducing measures such as border closures. Expect travel restrictions on international journeys. For this reason, we #stayathome during #coronatime. The borders to Austria and the Czech Republic are closed. Instead, we head a great time in Switzerland.

Switzerland · 14. February 2020
Great vacation at Morschach (REKA / Swiss Holiday Park) and Stoos: Sun, storm Sabine and power failure in the region, snow, skiing, Skischule Stoos, Felchlin, Suter- äh Superfood, waterpark & more #stoos #morschach #skischulestoos #shp #REKA #stoosbahn #felchlin Read more for The Sigifamily Stoos Video 🎿☀️⛷

Switzerland · 22. April 2019
Great Eastertime in the #Haslital with #Aareschlucht #REKA #Ballenberg #Interlaken #SherlockHolmes #CabriO and more!

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