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Czech Republic · 10. September 2011
Praha 2011: We've been in Praha again: Zoo Praha, Nový Smíchov, Palladium, Metropol, Pizza Pasta Colosseum, Metro, Pěčín, Pražský hrad, Starbucks, Staropramen Restaurant, Playgrounds, Karlův most & more. We've enjoyed Praha 2011.

Germany · 20. August 2011
Juppii! We have been to the Ravensburger Spieleland. The park is organised around seven themes packed with over 50 attractions. And the attraction No. 1 for Jan: Tractor tour. Up and away, cross country with a tractor.

Switzerland · 12. June 2011
Yes, last year we have been to Morschach and it was fun. In 2011, we decided to travel again to this destination. Fun facts: Swiss Holiday Park, Gipfeler in the morning, Stoos with the Restaurant Balmberg, Luzern, Queen of the mountains: Rigi, Altorf, REKA Village & more

Switzerland · 27. March 2011
In April 2011, we have been to Urnäsch in the Reka Village. We didn't miss Säntis der Berg and Schwägalp, Appenzell Exhibition Cheese Dairy, Hoher Kasten (Brülisau) with Gondolas and Revolving Restaurant on the Top, Urnäsch itself, Gais, Appenzell & more.