Spring Break 2020 - It's Coronatime

There is a risk of becoming infected with the new coronavirus - Covid-19 - in almost all parts of the world. Increasing numbers of countries are introducing measures such as border closures. Expect travel restrictions on international journeys. 
For this reason, we #stayathome during #coronatime. The borders to Austria and the Czech Republic are closed. 
Instead, we head a great time in Switzerland. 

Dreaming of our Vacation Vienna, Aqualand and Brno at home

The Sigifamily in Rapperswil during Coronatime

ZRH during Coronatime - We've been there

Swiss - Edelweiss - Helvetic ✈️ Grounding at the Military Airport Dübendorf

Travis Scott Concert "Astronomical" at home or rather in Fortnite