The Sigifamily in California 2012

California 2012: The Golden Gate Bridge (75 years), Cable Car, Rain Forest Cafe, Buses, Minivan Dodge white (not green hihi), Gilroy Garden, Outlets, Cambria, Beaches with sun and fun and lot of sand, Disneyland, Cars, Santa Barbara Zoo, Amtrak, San Diego Sea World with Shamu or rather Orka Willy, Toys, USS Midway, Legoland, Yosemite and Choo Choo train, gusty winds in Oakhurst, Railroad Museum in Sacramento, great pools, power outage in Sacramento (9000 in our area) and more and more fun stuff...

The Beginning - San Francisco!

Next stop: Gilroy

Cambria and Santa Barbara

Carlsbad, Del Mar and San Diego


South Lake Tahoe and Carson City

Los Angeles, Anaheim and Disneyland

Back again in San Francisco